who is el oso negro?

El Oso Negro is the sign studio run by Bodie Jarman, a Sign Painter & Designer based in Sydney, Australia.

Specialising in traditional hand painted signs and mid-century inspired typography, influenced by Art Deco Architecture, Americana and 1960's Psychedelia. Our visual aesthetic harks back to a time when design was bold, esoteric and tailored to the needs of each client.

Sign painting

Using traditional techniques we produce custom signs with classic layout & letter design. We can also recreate your existing designs and restore previously painted signage.

Applicable on most pre-existing and new surfaces including: fascias, metal, glass, bricks, wood, walls, vehicles, etc.

Gold gilding

Nothing looks better than real gold! Genuine gold signs have been around for centuries to catch the eye of potential customers and create an air of class.

We offer both reverse glass gilding (brilliant mirror finish & matte finish) and surface gilding utelising genuine gold leaf.


We specialise in mid-century and vintage inspired custom lettering, everything from brush scripts to gothic letterforms. We create completely from scratch, starting with pencil and paper developing through to full vectored designs.


Creating branding that actually represents your business, we take into account your business needs and your customer base. Whether it be just a logo, or full art direction and roll-out, we make sure the entire package is coherant with your business as well as looking great.

Specialising in mid-century inspired art and typography, we create classic and timeless designs which are uniquely yours, building from pencil sketches up to full vector designs.